At 2000MKT, it is our top priority to ensure the health and safety of our tenants and staff.

Based on current conditions and the lifting of some restrictions by the C.D.C., State, and City governments, we have reevaluated and are adjusting certain building operational protocols.

Health Screening/Self-Assessment

We encourage all of our tenants to continue to perform health screenings and self-assessments and use good judgment before deciding to come to the building (i.e., temperature checks, not feeling well, exhibiting signs of illness, possible exposure, etc.). This is regardless of whether someone is vaccinated or not and consistent with universal “Stay at Home” recommendations.

We will continue to require that visitors complete a COVID-19 Health Screening Questionnaire, which is currently being reviewed for possible revision. As a reminder, this questionnaire is required for all visitors (guests, building staff, contractors, delivery personnel, etc.) and not tenant employees. We understand that most/all of our tenants have similar health screening protocols or “Apps” in place and will continue to observe these at least for the foreseeable future.

Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.)

At 2000 MKT, we think it is good practice to continue to use face masks in common areas and confined spaces such as elevators, restrooms, etc., and encourage tenants & visitors to wear a mask for added protection. Again, this is not a requirement, security will not ask, stop anyone, or otherwise deny access if some chooses not to wear one, and this remains voluntary. Thank you!

Our building staff and service providers/contractors will continue to wear face masks while performing services at the property, including within tenant offices until further notice.

*Janitorial Services/Specialized Cleaning

The building janitorial operations (both day & night) continue without interruption.This includes regular cleaning and sanitizing of common area “Touch Points” and restrooms. All restrooms are serviced during the day and are detail cleaned nightly. We are exploring the feasibility of increasing the frequency of cleanings during the day. This will likely be contingent on increased building occupancy and staffing limitations.

We are reviewing our specialized cleaning protocols with our Industrial Hygienist (I.H.). Tenants should continue to report “test positive” cases to property management which will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and appropriate action can be determined based on the circumstances. This may include timing of potential exposure, numbers of people exposed, impacted areas, and may involve consultation with or I.H.

Elevator/Restroom Capacities

Given that elevator interiors and restrooms are confined spaces, we will continue to limit elevator capacity to Three
(3) people. This is fairly manageable at current occupancy levels and will be reevaluated as building occupancy increases. We encourage our tenants to try to limit restroom capacity to (3) people to the extent possible.

HVAC Systems/Filtration/Ultra-Violet (U.V.) Lighting Equipment

Our engineering staff have performed preventive maintenance to the building HVAC systems as customary including replacing filters prior to the heating and cooling seasons. We continue to run the HVAC systems for extended hours (in the morning and evening) to help circulate inside air and increase the level of outside air brought into the building. These operational procedures were put into place last April and consistent with recommendations by HVAC system professionals, consultants, and governing agencies.

Additionally, we are in the process of installing specialized “Ultra-Violet” (U.V.) lighting equipment in the main air- handler units of the base building HVAC system. This type of equipment has been predominantly used in healthcare environments and designed to “kill” or reduce the level of coronavirus particles during air circulation and is now being installed in commercial office building systems. This is a significant enhancement to the base building HVAC system and intended to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Conference Center

The building Conference Center in the lower level will be closed until further notice. However, building ownership/management will evaluate any tenant requests for functions planned from 7/1/21- 9/30/21 on a case-by- case basis.